If a Victorian resident dies overseas, you usually don’t need to register the death in Victoria. The death should be registered in the country where the person died.

Smart Traveller’s ‘An Australian has died overseas (External link)’ and ‘Death overseas (External link)’ pages give more information.

Note that a death will usually be registered in Victoria if the person died:

  • In an aircraft during a flight to Victoria
  • On board a ship making its way to Victoria.

Registering an overseas death in Victoria

Sometimes, an overseas death certificate is not legally recognised here. In these cases, an overseas death can be registered in Victoria if the deceased person:

  • Normally lived in Victoria
  • Owned property in Victoria.

This may be needed as proof of the death, to assist with legal and financial matters such as:

  • closing bank accounts
  • finalising the estate
  • legal/court matters
  • accessing insurance or superannuation.

In order for us to assess whether the death should be registered in Victoria, you will need to provide:

  • A certified copy of a proof of identity document of the deceased (such as driver licence or passport)
  • A certified copy of the overseas death certificate. (Documents in languages other than English need to be translated by a NAATI translator (External link))
  • Evidence that the person normally lived in Victoria (such as a current rates notice or utility bill).

If we assess that the death should be registered in Victoria:

  1. We will send you a death registration form for completion
  2. You need to complete the death registration and return it to us
  3. We will notify you when the death has been registered.
  4. You can then apply for a death certificate.

Contact us to register a death

Grief support

The death of a loved one overseas can be a distressing time. Grief support services are available to help you.