In Victoria, you can register a caring relationship between two adults who aren't a couple and who may be related by family if:

  • You're both at least 18 years old
  • One party lives in Victoria
  • You're not married to each other, a couple, in a relationship that's already registered or in another relationship that could be registered.

How to register

To register your relationship:-

  1. Both parties need to:
    • Provide proof of identity
    • Supply evidence that each has sought independent legal advice from separate legal practitioners (Contact us for a sample legal practitioners certificate for your legal practitioner to complete).
  2. One of you must:

The law requires a 28 day cooling off period when registering a caring relationship. Due to this, it takes at least 28 calendar days from the date we receive a complete and valid application to register the relationship.


A non-refundable registration fee of $228.10 applies. The fee does not include a certificate.

You can order a certificate when you apply to register the relationship or at any later date.