You can apply to change your recorded sex if you:
  • Were born in Victoria or can show that you have lived in Victoria for at least 12 months.
  • Have undergone sex affirmation surgery. The law defines this as follows:

Sex affirmation surgery means a surgical procedure involving the alteration of a person's reproductive organs carried out for the purpose of assisting the person to be considered to be a member of the opposite sex.

Looking for a certificate? Go to the Certificate of change of sex section below.

What you'll need to do

1. How to apply

  • Apply online now for a change of your recorded sex (External link)
  • Attach either:
    • Statutory declarations from two separate medical practitioners verifying that you have had sex affirmation surgery, or
    • A current interstate recognition certificate issued by that state. The certificate must identify you as being of a particular sex.

2. Proof of your identity

Acceptable documents

One of the easiest ways to prove your identity is by presenting your driver licence (if it confirms your residential address) and your passport.

Example driver licenceExample passport

Alternatively, you can provide your driver licence, medicare card and bank card.

Example driver licenceExample Medicare cardExample bank card

There are other ways to prove your identity.


Fees and payment


Changes to Birth Certificate Recognised Details Certificate 
Application fee: $76.70 (doesn't include new certificate)


*includes application fee+certificate

Birth certificate: $33.80  

Postage fees

Postage - see Australia Post (External link) for product details Price



Registered post (recommended)

Standard post/handling $1.00

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Pick up from our customer service centre


Express post

Note: This is not a priority service fee - standard Turnaround times still apply.


Outside Australia

Airmail (Standard post) $3.80
Express Courier International $54.10

Change of name with change of sex

Change of name when you change your sex

Changing your name is a separate process from changing your recorded sex.

You should complete the process of changing your name before applying to change your recorded sex.

When you apply to change your name, we will ask you to state your sex at birth.

Apply now to:

Certificate of change of sex

When you apply to register a change of sex, you get either:

  • A new birth certificate - if born in Victoria
  • A recognised details certificate - if born overseas

Getting a birth certificate after your record of sex has been altered

If you were born in Victoria

The birth certificate shows your current name and your affirmed sex. There's no history of changes to your record of sex on the certificate.

The certificate is valid for all legal and official purposes.

You will need to return any original certificates you have to us.

If you don't have the original, you need to provide a Statutory Declaration (External link) explaining why. Learn more about how to digitise and upload documents.

If you return the original birth certificate, we issue a free replacement certificate. If the original isn't returned, there is a fee for the new certificate.

Order a new birth certificate (External link)

If you were born overseas

The recognised details certificate shows your current name and your new sex.

The certificate is valid for all legal and official purposes.

Order a Recognised Details certificate (External link)


Correct a change of sex certificate

If there's an error on your new birth or recognised details certificate, you can apply to BDM to correct it.
Please select whether you were born in Victoria or born overseas:
You will need to attach evidence in support of the change you want to make.
To learn more about the most common evidence required, read about correcting a birth certificate.