Donor-conceived births are births conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART), including donor conception, self-inseminationsurrogacy and IVF.

Registering a donor-conceived birth

If your child is born in Victoria, you need to register the birth within 60 days of your child being born. See Register a birth.

Information on birth certificates


Birth certificates don't include donor details – these details are kept on donor registers (see below).

Birth mother's female partner

To add the birth mother's female partner to your child's birth certificate, see Add a parent to a birth certificate.

Previous children

Your child’s birth certificate includes all ‘previous children of the relationship’ including those born to the mother’s female partner.

Relationships that have ended

In most cases, if you and your partner consented to donor treatment together, you're both recorded on the child’s birth certificate, even if the relationship ends. Contact us for further advice.

Donor registers

Information about donors and donor births is kept on donor registers. If you're a donor, a donor-conceived person or their relative, you can apply to access information on the registers by contacting Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) (External link).