If you believe there's an error on a certificate, you can apply to have it corrected.

Corrections include:

  • Administrative errors such as:
    • Typos
    • Misread handwriting.
  • Clarifications and amendments such as:
    • Place of birth (for example, adding the town where only the country is listed)
    • Adding a middle name (for example, when it's on the birth registration statement but not on the birth certificate).

Making a correction isn't the same as making a change to a certificate. For example, changing your name or your child's name is a change not a correction, and so a different process applies.

The history of any changes or corrections is shown on the reverse side of replacement certificates.

Changing your child's name

Changing your child's name is a significant personal choice for you and your child. Make sure you register the new name and get a new birth certificate.

How to change your child's name

Name change after marriage, separation or divorce

To change your family name on documents like your driver licence and bank accounts you'll need either a marriage certificate or a change of name certificate.

Changing your family name

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