You can apply to revoke a registered relationship.

The death of either party or the marriage of either party in the registered relationship (to each other or another person) will automatically revoke the registered relationship.

You'll need to wait 90 days after you've applied before the relationship can be revoked.

You don't automatically get a certificate when your relationship is revoked. 

If you want to get a certificate of revocation, you must order this at the time of revoking the relationship.

If you need to withdraw a recent application you have made to register a relationship, or you need to withdraw a recent application you have made to revoke a registered relationship, you can do this by logging in to My items (External link).

What we need from you

We'll ask you for the following information during the application process:

1. Details of the two parties

At minimum, you'll be asked for:

  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Address
  • Relationship registration number (if known)
  • Relationship registration date (if known)

2. Proof of your identity

Acceptable documents

One of the easiest ways to prove your identity is by presenting your driver licence (if it confirms your residential address) and your Passport.

Example driver licenceExample passport

Alternatively, you can provide your driver licence, medicare card and bank card.

Example driver licenceExample Medicare cardExample bank card

Alternatively, there are other ways to prove your identity.

3. Proof that you're eligible to apply

Both parties to the registered domestic or caring relationship need to apply.

If you're applying on your own, you'll need to complete a revocation statutory declaration and attach it to your application. Contact us to access this declaration. Learn more about how to digitise and attach documents.

You can't apply to revoke anyone else's registered relationship.

Processing and delivery

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Processing start date Processing time Certificate pick up/delivery (if ordered)
Date received

Full application with eligibility and proof of identity documents

90 days

Legislation states a minimum of 90 days before the relationship can be revoked.

595 Collins Street


6 days
Australia post

If you have ordered a certificate you can track its progress by logging in to view My items.

Track the progress of your certificate (External link)

Additional copies

If you applied for more than one copy of a certificate, each will be posted separately for security reasons, unless you asked for them to be sent by Registered or Express Post.

We'll post them all on the same day, but bear in mind that Australia Post may deliver them on different days.

Fees and payment


Application fee Revocation certificate
$76.70 $33.80
Doesn't include certificate Optional

Postage fees

Postage - see Australia Post (External link) for product details Price



Registered post (recommended)

Standard post/Handling $1.00

Express post

Note: This is not a priority service fee - standard Turnaround times still apply.


Outside Australia

Airmail (Standard post) $3.80
Express Courier International $54.10

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